1-1: Advanced Photolithography:


1) Dr. Young Seog Kang (Samsung), -Invited


2) Dr. Byoung-Ho Lee (SK Hynix), -Invited


3) Dr. Jo Finders (ASML), -Invited



1-2: Electron and Ion Beam Technologies:


1) Prof. Oh-Hoon Kwon (UNIST) -Invited


2) Prof. Yong-Seok Hwang (Seoul National University), -Invited


1-3: Resist and Directed Self-Assembly:


1) Dr. Hyun-Woo Kim (Samsung Electronics), -Invited


2) Prof. Teruaki Hayakawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology), -Invited


3) Dr. Redouane BORSALI (CERMAV, UPR CNRS 5301 & Grenoble Alpes University) -Invited


2-1: Nanocarbons:


1) Prof. Takayuki Kitamura (Kyoto University), -Invited


2) Dr. Sang Hyun Lee (KIST), -Invited


3) Prof. Jeong Ho Cho (Sungkyunkwan University), -Invited


4) Dr. Hyunmin Kim (DGIST), -Invited


5) Dr. Young-Jun Yu (ETRI), -Invited


2-2: Nanodevices:


1) Prof. Jiezhi Chen (Shandong University), -Invited


2) Prof. Tran Viet Cuong (Vietnam National University), -Invited


3) Prof. Young Duck Kim (Kyung Hee University), -Invited


2-3: Nanofabrication:


1) Dr. GeeHong Kim (KIMM) -Invited


2) Prof. Jong Girl Ok (Seoul National Univ. of Science and Technology) -Invited


3) Dr. Kosuke Sugawa, (Nihon Univ.) -Invited



2-4: Inorganic Nanomaterials:


1) Prof. Akihiro Murayama (Hokkaido University), -Invited


2) Prof. Dong-Hyun Kim (Chungbuk National Univ.), -Invited


3) Prof. Jong Su Kim (Yeungnam University), -Invited



2-5: Organic Nanomaterials:


1) Prof. Akito Masuhara (Yamagata Univ.), -Invited


2) Prof. Tomo Sakanoue (Nagoay Univ.), -Invited



2-6: Nano Tool:


1) Prof. Jungchul Lee (Sogang Univ.), -Invited

2) Prof. Moon Kyu Kwak (Kyungpook National University), -Invited


3: Nanoimprint, Nanoprint and Rising Lithography:


1) Prof. Björgvin Hjörvarsson (Uppsala University, Sweden), -Invited


2) Prof. Heon Lee (Korea University), -Invited


3) Prof. Gun-young Jung (GIST), -Invited



4: Bio MEMS, Labon a Chip:


1) Dr. Hong-Nam Kim (KIST), -Invited


2) Prof. Jiyun Kim (UNIST), -Invited



5: Microsystem Technology and MEMS:


1) Prof. Hoe Joon Kim (DGIST), -Invited


2) Prof. Yoon, Yong-Kyu (Univ. of Florida), -Invited